The Core Essentials

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Our People

At BIC, we are dedicated to providing the best service at the highest standard in everything we do. Our people represent the best part of our business, this is why we continually invest in our people, providing training, mentoring and a fair workplace that upholds our values of diversity and respect.


Experience and Knowledge

We have been in the business since 1989. We’ve cleaned over 4000 sites and over 6 million square metres. We are can safely say we understand our client’s needs when it comes to cleaning.


Technology and Innovation

We are leader’s in innovation and use technology to achieve significant improvements in service delivery outcomes. From actionable business intelligence reporting in our online service sortal to optimising service delivery in real-time using customer feedback and asset utilisation, we offer bespoke solutions for each building and client.


Dedicated Key Area Manager

To ensure clear communication and consistency, our dedicated area managers form a true partnership between BIC and our client’s. Our client’s will have real-time visibility across each and every job.


BIC Training Academy

Our purpose-built training facility provides accredited and hands on experience for our cleaner’s and allows us to ensure the highest level of training.


Commitment to Equality in the Workplace

Our people are at the heart of our business. We have developed a reputation for integrity and we continue to introduce initiatives that reflect this which includes the RAP, Modern Slavery Framework and a partnership with Supply Nation.