Natalie ‘Nanii’ Davies artwork “Our Journey” inspires our team along our BIC journey

By February 18, 2022 No Comments

BIC has commisioned Natalie “Nanii” Davies to create “Our Journey”, a visual narrative of BIC’s journey as an organisation, and the individual journey of each and every staff member at BIC.  

As with most Aboriginal paintings, Our Journey, depicts the landscape from a birds-eye view.  The layout is in the shape of two Fibonacci spirals, chosen by Nanii so that we can remember that we are all connected, our environment is an extension of us, and that individually we should view ourselves as amazing creations that have the power to make an impact in this world.

The blue spiral represents our oceans, rivers and water sources – a natural element that connects all living things.  The red ochre coloured spiral is representative of our lands, another element of earth that connects us with our environment and each other.

The paintings name, Our Journey, acknowledges that our personal journey is closely connected to our environment and other people.   The half-circle white dotting designs are an Aboriginal symbol for people – placed around the spiral, all the way into the centre highlights we are all at different stages of our life journey, but we are all still connected.  As we spiral through time, the knowledge and wisdom of our Elders and ancestors is learnt through verbal stories, writings, art, music and many other forms.

The white dotted wave patterns are symbolic of the smoke created during the ancient Aboriginal custom of a smoking ceremony, performed to heal, cleanse and make a pathway for a positive brighter future.

The gumtree leaves and flowers scattered throughout the painting serve to remind us of physical, emotional and spiritual self-care; however you may achieve this.  The emu footprints are used as emu stands for pride, honour and comradeship.

The goanna is the totem for the Nanni’s Wiradjuri tribe.  Aboriginal people show their respect to their totem by not hunting, harming or eating that animal.  The pink cloud shaped designs are witchetty grubs, an important Aboriginal food staple and a potent ingredient for many bush medicine remedies and remind us that even the smallest living creature is important to our natural environment and the wellbeing of people.