Meet Gloria Briceno

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Introducing Gloria Briceno.

We asked Gloria to spare 5 minutes of her time to answer 5 questions about being a female role model at BIC.


How long have you worked at BIC Services? What does your role entail?

I have been working for BIC Services for over 5 years, my position is Site Manager. In this role, I manage various client sites across the Sydney CBD. My key responsibility is to manage the team on the ground and ensure smooth communication between the client and our cleaning team at each site, generally, I make sure things get done.


What do you enjoy most about your role at BIC Services?

The aspect of my role that I most enjoy is dealing with people – both the clients and the cleaning team as well as the whole BIC family. I enjoy the responsibility that comes with my role and I also appreciate and enjoy the support from the team at BIC.


What advice would you give to other women who are just starting out in their career?

Never give up, always have a goal.


Which women most inspires you and why?

There are many women who have inspired me over the years, however, the one who has inspired me the most is my mother. Throughout my life, she showed me the values in life, and to appreciate what you have in this life.


How can businesses work to ensure #balanceforbetter when it comes to gender equality in the workplace?

I believe it is important to make sure all employees have the same opportunities. Sharing your expertise with your team, coaching and mentoring younger new recruits and giving them guidance to make the right decisions. I also believe recognition is important – recognising both men and women who perform well at their role is important.