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BIC Services is championing innovation. Investing in cleaning technology supports our workforce so we can deliver a better service to our clients. It also means we can create efficiencies in our services and prevent wastage, so we can offer better pricing schedules without sacrificing on safety or quality.

The key cleaning technologies we offer to clients are the Interactive Customer Experience Platform (ICXP), the BIC Gateway, BIC KPI Reporting & Management Dashboard and our bespoke BI Operational Reporting Platform.

Interactive Customer Experience Platform

The ICXP is a real-time customer-centric service delivery and service management system. It works via a combination of Customer Experience Kiosks (tablets or QR code readers), wearables as well as Bluetooth and IoT Sensors. Clients use the Customer Experience Kiosks to issue a service request, and the closest technician receives the alert via a wearable device.

ICXP also opens up new planning and reporting possibilities. Sensors can pick up how often an asset is used and serviced to avoid over or underservicing. We can give clients insight into how many issues are being picked up and how quickly our service teams are responding to service requests.

The Kiosks also allow clients to give satisfaction ratings. These ratings can be trended over time to show improvements or declines in service satisfaction.

That’s just some of the ways ICXP is helping us deliver an optimised service. Read our guide to learn more about the ICXP.

Image showing an asset utilisation and service profile

This graph shows when an asset is used and when it is cleaned to identify service discrepancies

BIC Gateway

BIC Gateway integrates all service delivery items for each contract. The system is integrated with BI Analytics so we can use the combined technology to generate internal and external reports on service delivery.

The reports can include details on workforce tracking, quality assurance inspections, incident/defect reports and even detailed waste and sustainability reporting. It is also integrated with the ICXP to add heatmapping and customer satisfaction data to reports.

Image of BIC Gateway home screen

Clients can access detailed reports from one, centralised dashboard

BIC KPI Reporting & Management Dashboard

BIC has developed a dashboard that allows for proactive tracking and management of contract KPIs. The system includes automatic alerts so management can keep track of how the company is trending against set KPIs and make proactive decisions based on data.

Image showing issue tracking on Bespoke BI Operational Reporting Platform

The Dashboard gives BIC and clients the ability to track performance against KPIs

Bespoke BI Operational Reporting Platform

We are setting the standard when it comes to client reporting. The ICXP means we can deliver unparalleled levels of transparency on performance, and our BI reporting platform means we can generate daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc reports for clients.

This reporting depth is essential in providing full transparency to our clients. Good client relationships aren’t about hiding problems; they’re about acknowledging them and developing quick and lasting solutions.

With our Operational Reporting Platform, we can monitor issues, address root causes and then track issue response over time. We can also track and trend key service delivery metrics such as time spent (attendance and duration), activity (service delivery against scope) and quality (customer feedback and QA scores).

Image showing issue tracking on Bespoke BI Operational Reporting Platform

Bespoke reporting allows us to track issues and failed items across clients and sites

Cleaning technology and innovation are vital to our service delivery. We will continue to invest in the future and push the envelope wherever we can to ensure BIC Services’ staff and clients have access to the latest technology and optimised service.