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Hardik Dahal: Making The Most of Opportunities

By April 13, 2021 No Comments

Hardik Dahal has had a remarkable career at BIC. From starting with BIC as a cleaner to receiving a scholarship and becoming a vital member of the Operations Support Team. Hardik’s story is one of making every opportunity count!

We sat down with Hardik to hear about his story.

When did you begin your journey with BIC Services?

My journey with BIC Services started in late May 2017. It was the first job I ever had in Australia, and after looking for a job for almost three months, I was happy and relieved when BIC took me on – it can be challenging to find work as a new migrant.

What was your first role with BIC?

My first job was as a cleaner at Angel Place (123 Pitt Street, Sydney). My first role was managing waste on the site, which meant collecting rubbish and maintaining BIC’s recycling program.

What did you like about your role?

I loved the teamwork aspect of the role. I also loved the hours. Starting my shift at 6 pm meant I could attend University during the day. I made enough money to cover my bills and put some savings aside.

The work itself was also very interesting. I learnt a lot about waste separation before moving into the general cleaning team. In this role, I got first-hand experience of office etiquette while also learning about cleaning strategies.

BIC Services also offers great flexibility to staff. During semester breaks, I could work on a full-time basis, which meant I could save even more money. When the semester started again, there were no problems with going back to part-time hours.

Most importantly, I was given a chance to grow in my role. Quickly, I became the go-to team member for Supervisors and Managers, and I began being a mentor to new staff. After two years, I moved from Angel Place to Centennial Plaza, where I started doing the morning shift, which provided even more opportunities for growth and learning.

My time at both Angel Place and Centennial Plaza is what put me through three years of University. Without the flexibility and opportunities provided by BIC, that wouldn’t have been possible.

How did you hear about the BIC Services Scholarship program?

At the BIC End of Year Awards, the CEO, Tony Gorgovski, announced that they would be offering three fully funded scholarships to BIC Services employees. I still remember hearing those words today; I immediately stopped what I was doing and knew I had to apply to this most generous opportunity from BIC Services.

As soon as BIC released the application forms, I gathered everything I needed and poured my heart into the application. I knew winning the scholarship would be an enormous help for me financially, so I gave it everything I had and hoped for the best.

How did you feel when you found out you won?

On the 12th of March, I was about to finish my shift when I received an email from Claudia Di Bello (GM – People & Culture). Claudia told me I had been selected for one of the BIC Services Scholarship Program, and I was lost for words. I was completely overwhelmed with happiness!

I had been going through some dark times, and the scholarship was the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am using the scholarship to complete a professional year in an IT Program, which will help ready me for the workforce and translate my IT skills into a professional setting.

It appears your studies have already paid off?

Yes, they have.

In early February, I learnt that there was a vacancy within the BIC Services Head Office to join the Operations Support Team. I revamped my resume and got in touch with the HR Manager, Shaun Stone, who assisted me during the process.

I was invited for an interview. It was my first corporate job interview, and I was so nervous that I couldn’t even tell how it went.

But, I got a call on the train home after the interview, that I had been successful; BIC was offering me the job at BIC Services Head Office!!!

Once again, I was dumbstruck. I couldn’t believe I had the job. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. It didn’t sink in until I started my first day as a Head Office team member.

I still cannot believe that the company that gave me my first job in Australia and gave me my scholarship, had now employed me as a member of their Head Office team.

I’m so grateful to all the wonderful people at BIC Services that helped me along the way. They saw the effort I was putting in and rewarded me for making the most of my opportunities.

BIC Services is a company that genuinely goes above and beyond for its employees – for them it really is about “OUR PEOPLE”! There is so much room for career progression at BIC Services and I am so lucky I found them. You just have to put yourself out there, work hard, and you will be rewarded.

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