5 ways technology and innovation is improving our service delivery

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BIC Services has been a leader in the commercial cleaning industry for over 30 years. In recent years, technology and innovation have become critical in the process of delivering on clients needs.

For BIC Services, innovation is showing up in more ways than one. Fundamentally, technology is changing the way we do business – not only in our cleaning teams’ day to day business but also in the way we communicate and ensure we are delivering effectively on every site.

Innovation in the way we deliver our service has become one of our core values and here are 5 ways we have seen it improve our service delivery for our clients:


1. Waste management

In terms of waste management – our interactive reporting systems provide valuable information such as recycling to landfill ratio, the overall ratio for the client as well as specific information about a particular building. Our reports will allow building owners and property managers to delve deeper into the performance of their building from a waste management level and address issues as they arise on a more micro level.


2. Sustainability

At BIC, we consider our clients as our partners and we work together for greater sustainability across each site. This includes working together to achieve NABERS and Green Star Ratings on each site. Our systems and checklists allow close monitoring of the process from quality control, cleaning products and equipment utilised as well as minimising chemical cleaning products.


3. Experienced and professional workforce

BIC will continue to invest in training its people to ensure that we drive improvements in our service delivery and our unique approach to training, through our own inhouse state-of-the-art BIC Training Academy, results in an efficient and effective team of professionals who possess the right skills and service knowledge to respond to each unique situation that may arise on site. We demonstrate our commitment to our people, not only via this in-house training and support but also in our workplace policies of fair and equitable pay and ongoing commitment to CAF (Cleaning Accountability Framework).


4. Operational efficiencies

We offer efficient management of staffing levels and rostering via our workforce dispatch and real-time site utilisation tracking systems. This allows a proactive approach to service delivery. These tools, not only make our teams more efficient but it also reduces overall costs for clients especially on larger sites. We can also streamline and manage the ordering and replenishment process for consumables through our innovative barcoding solution. Technology and innovation allow operational efficiencies at all levels of the service delivery process.


5. Communication

At BIC Services, our partnership approach creates an open line of communication between our clients and our team. We strongly believe in face to face approach to client service management, however, we utilise technology to ensure efficient communication between our clients and our teams. Our client portal allows clients access to real-time reporting, visibility across every aspect of every job, at any time.


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