Why a Supplier is Now Your Business Partner

By September 13, 2019 No Comments

As we move into new territory the days of expecting best price is only a small part of the bigger picture. We now have so many other considerations and factors to ensure that what we source and deliver is ethical and the best fit for our clients, people, communities and environment.

Where was the product made and sourced? Are people being paid and treated correctly? Do they work in healthy conditions? Where are the materials from? Is it good for the environment?

Along with this, the relationship we have with our suppliers has changed. We want authentic and open dialogue, not simply an offering of best price, take it or leave it. Times have changed for the better, making companies smarter and wiser with their procurement process.

Providing feedback and working with our partners is key to achieving ongoing sustainability priorities and a fully evolved procurement practice.

By us all being held accountable a better product and service is delivered. With a healthier and happier planet to boot.