Who is in Your Team – Meet Kiran Adhikari

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Introducing Kiran Adhikari, Site Manager for Cleaning at Centennial Plaza, Sydney NSW.

How long have you been at BIC?

I have been working for BIC Services for 11 years in various positions. As a Site Manager for BIC Services, I focus on training the team, building the cleaning standard on-site, promoting and building a relationship with management and clients, which is always of prime importance for me.

What do you love most about working with BIC?

I am passionate about working for BIC and am proud to be part of the team. I appreciate the professional attitude and the workplace environment that is provided.  I value the close-knit and interpersonal communications that are prevalent between managers and employees. The company also believes in their employees and consider and plan our individual goals, future growth and career advancement.

What is best practice in managing a premium building?

Managing a premium building consists of managing many aspects with respect to clients, building management and our employees. Ensuring the productivity of the cleaning team is essential and service communication between both the client and management. So, the best practice would be prioritised time and team management along with open communication between everyone.

What is the best way to train a service team?

A service team consists of various individuals with diverse backgrounds.  The team is the backbone of our organisation so we must embrace feedback and organise meetings and provide consistent and scheduled training sessions. First-hand demonstration is the best way to train a service team. When the team can visually realise what needs to be done, their job is performed at a higher level with greater satisfaction. Moreover, providing regular feedback about their performance and encouraging them boosts the morale.

How do you deal with challenges?

Challenges are always a part of the working life experience. The most effective way to deal with challenges is to keep a calm mind, seek advice if necessary, believing in yourself, not being afraid to take risks if need be and carving out an effective and practical strategy.

What are the tools of the trade?

In the cleaning business, effectiveness and efficiency is the key. So, deciding between the use of additional labour or the use of machines is a pretty crucial decision. The items available are vast and choosing the right tools for the job is important. Dealing with technological advancement for efficient service plays a big part and is something our clients are very interested in.

What skills does it take to work in the service/cleaning industry?

The cleaning industry is a service industry.  As such, some of the skills required would be time management skills, punctuality, honesty, consistency of service delivery, discretion, endurance and the ability to learn quickly.

What goes in a cleaner’s trolley and why?

The first thing to consider even before the trolley is discussed is what does the building need and how does this fit in with the clients and our sustainability and environmental guidelines.  From here, the trolley is put together which contains all the right equipment and cleaning products for the site, consisting of a variety of items, from microfibre cloths to bin liners to chemicals to a vacuum cleaner. This also varies depending upon the job description of the cleaner.

Best advice you can give on working in the industry?

The cleaning industry is a very dynamic and changing industry that includes individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. The need to grow along with the technical requirements of the industry means that the individual must have good learning skills. Along with that, there should be all the skills of a professional cleaner and the individual should be aware of the company’s rules and values. This coupled with a good ethical backbone and a desire to perform well would be my advice on working in the industry.