Welcome to the Team

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Introducing Nino Guerreiro, the new Regional Manager at BIC Services.


How did you come to be in the cleaning industry?

In 1985, I was studying Hotel Management during the day and needed to work at night to support myself during my studies.  I was fortunate to find a part time job working for a cleaning company to clean at David Jones stores during the evening. It worked perfectly with studies. It wasn’t long before the company owners recognised my potential and offered me a position in their Management Training program. This was a great opportunity to start from the ground up and learn all the facets of the business and the industry – including management. During that time, I held many varying positions including site manager, area manager, operations manager and then regional and state manager.

I haven’t looked back since, 34 years and counting, I am still in the industry.


What do you love about being part of the industry?

I love being part of a great organisation and team. Seeing results is what it is all about. I enjoy the freedom and responsibility of managing a team and sharing in the rewards and recognition that follow from generating positive results.


What is your core strength and what do you hope to achieve at BIC?

I believe my core strength is recognising the strength in others and bringing the best out of others by helping them find the best role to suit their abilities. For me it is about ensuring exceptional service delivery – exceeding client’s expectations and creating a happy workplace for all.


What matters to you most?

Never to let anyone down in anything I do.


What is your greatest success in life?

Well, as a dad – I have to say the creation and birth of my children is number one!! But from a career perspective – I value having a good name and reputation in the industry and I believe that comes from dedication and hard work. I feel that my success comes with the growth and success of the organisation and team I am working for.  It truly comes from everyone working together and enjoying the ride along the way.


What makes you laugh?

Funny jokes and people who can have a good laugh at themselves.


What is your hidden talent?

I would have to say – I pride myself in doing something most men supposedly can’t do – and that is multi-tasking.