The Changing Face of the Commercial Office Space

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At BIC Services, we have been cleaning commercial offices in Australia for over 30 years. In this time, we have seen many changes to the design, purpose and layout of commercial office spaces.

With the birth of mobile phones, it was predicted that the need to work from a central office location would soon diminish. This hasn’t been the case, in fact, for many freelance workers, the idea of working from home has been rejected in favour of a shared workspace such as WeWork, Space&Co and many other satellites and locally based shared workspaces have emerged across our major cities and regional hubs such as WorkLife.

Collaboration and human connection are still incredibly important ingredients to productivity.


While the demand for corporate office space is thriving, there have been some key changes to the design and layout of the space. Some of the design trends identified include:

Green and Sustainable Workplaces

More than just adding plants to an office space, many of the leading commercial real estate organisations are focused on sustainability of their buildings. Building spaces utilising natural building products, incorporating energy saving technology and implementing waste management solutions that meet the requirements of Green Star building and NABERS ratings is a key driver in office design.
There has also been a rise in providing well-being opportunities within the workplace. Ensuring offices are equipped with everything employees or tenants need to stay healthy and enjoy being in the space. This includes gyms, social breakout spaces, open air areas, stand up desks and other innovative ways to encourage health and well-being.


Technology Focus

Technology is a major driver in workplace and office designs. Employees are now accustomed to technology across every facet of life. Entering a workplace with archaic technology and processes can prove extremely frustrating, especially for millennials who have grown up with this technology and can easily adapt to new technology.

Having human centred technology embedded into the workplace is becoming the more important and again has proven to increase productivity and helpful in retaining good talent.


Creativity and Fun

Organisations such as Google and Apple were among the first to introduce creative workplaces. A move away from the stuffy office cubicle environment and move to a more fun environment that was designed to inspire. Modern day office spaces take inspiration from living areas and art galleries, they feature café spaces, nap areas and fun breakout spaces.

Many offices are introducing branded elements into their design, to promote the values of their brand, and enhance the culture of the organisation. Comfort and creative workplaces that encourage positivity can help organisations with retention.


Clean, hygienic space with minimal clutter

The rise of the trends such as Minimalism and De-cluttering from Marie Kondo and other cleaning champions may have started at home, but this trend is also seeing its way into workplaces.

Removing clutter from the workplace is also a way to remove distraction and improve productivity. A clean workplace has the same effect as a clean house. A light, bright, clean working environment can reduce stress, help with focus and reduce risk of sickness and the spreading of viruses.


At BIC Services, we are experts in cleaning commercial office space. We have seen a lot of change in the design and function of corporate office environment over the years we have been in business, but the one thing that remains constant is the expectation of the cleaning team. We understand the importance of a clean working environment, and our team are trained in a range of environments, whether it is a minimalist or creative environment to ensure the quality of the clean meets and exceeds expectations.