The BIC Services Training Academy

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The BIC Training Academy is an innovative, hands-on solution to ensuring best in class training for our cleaning team.

Our state-of-the-art training facility has been purpose-built to allow our team to receive hands-on training of the latest equipment, cleaning processes and procedures. The facility is located at our head office in Sydney, and our new recruits receive training in a controlled environment. The Training Academy includes work-stations that have been recreated to reflect the every-day environments our team will be faced with at each of our client sites including kitchens, bathrooms, carpeted hallways, lifts, glass partitions, stairs, open-plan offices spaces set up with a variety of surfaces and scenarios.

Prior to commencing work on-site, our new recruits complete a full induction program covering all the important information they need to know such as work health and safety, environmental controls, hygiene, sustainability, quality control, security and an understanding of BIC’s core values, workplace ethics, customer service expectations and service delivery standards.

As part of the induction training course, our team learns about cleaning duties – including waste removal, vacuuming, cleaning of varying surfaces including glass, mirrors, stone, carpet and wood. We teach them about cleaning strategies – minimising the environmental impact of what we do, and ensuring the proper care is taken of each of the surfaces.

Another essential part of the induction course is the communication of our values as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. As a founding member of the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF), we strive for a safe, fair and ethical workplace and we clearly articulate to our team what is expected, what is acceptable and what to do if any issues arise.

BIC Services has created this facility to allow, not only new recruits to be inducted but also for our staff to have regular updates and refresher training as new innovations in cleaning are introduced. We run regular toolbox talks, industry information updates on new standards or new initiatives. It is important that our site managers and area managers are updated as the industry evolves.

We pride ourselves on the highest standards across everything we do, we are customer focused and performance driven. The BIC Training Academy is just one of the initiatives we have put in place to ensure quality, accuracy and accountability.

If you are interested in starting your career with BIC Services, visit our careers page.