Universities are complex environments. Full of high-cost assets and equipment, they require a specialised approach to cleaning. Universities are also full of high-traffic areas, meaning hygiene and disinfection is a priority in keeping students, staff and visitors safe.

Since 1989, BIC Services has been a leader in tertiary institution cleaning. We’ve provided cleaning and hygiene services for some of Australia’s leading institutions, with a focus on delivering innovative and sustainable services that keep universities and TAFEs clean, well-maintained and productive.



We look after the full scope of university cleaning requirements. We provide specialist teams and equipment for high-value, complex areas such as laboratories, libraries, museums and sporting facilities.

Our cleaning services include:

  • Floor scrubbing
  • Window and high-level cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Graffiti removal


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene and infection control, and our expert hygiene teams can keep your tertiary education facility safe. We provide our teams with hospital-grade disinfectant and verification of cleaning technology so they can guarantee that every surface has been disinfected after use.

We can even deploy our award-nominated, proprietary Interactive Customer Experience Platform to monitor asset usage and create targeted hygiene schedules.


We can help your university improve its sustainability profile with our waste auditing and management services. We help you improve your landfill diversion rates and cut overall costs for a more efficient and sustainable school waste management service.


We give your university access to our national deals with consumables providers. This gives our university partners access to our sustainable and ethical supply chains at reduced prices.


Our specialised pandemic and COVID-19 cleaning solutions will help you get your university or tertiary institution open safely in the event of a pandemic event.



Our people are the face of our business. We directly employ over 2000 people and never subcontract our core services. Direct employment means we can invest in our team by giving them the highest wages in the industry, as well as high-quality, practical training through our BIC Training Academy.

This investment means we can give our clients a highly-skilled, invested and stable workforce.


We set the standard for transparency and reporting in the industry. We believe in giving our clients insight into everything we do because that honesty is the bedrock of solid and long-term relationships.

Our bespoke BI Reporting Platform allows us to deliver weekly, monthly or ad-hoc reports so we can create a mutually-beneficial relationship based on informed decision making.


Looking after universities and tertiary institutions presents a unique set of challenges. We navigate these challenges through innovation. We have a team that works tirelessly to deliver bespoke technologies for the unique requirements of every contract.

Learn more about our technology suite.


We value diverse teams because we want to bring a diversity of thought to our operations. 51% of our workforce is female, and we have representatives from over 72 countries.

We are also members of Supply Nation, and we work hard to make our workplaces accepting and inclusive.


We’re committed to this industry and work every day to increase the quality of the sector and make it an incredible industry to work in. We are engaged with partners and suppliers to identify areas the industry can improve, then finding ways to do so. Our many certifications and programs attest to BIC being an industry leader, constantly progressing toward a better future.

Keep Your Campus Safe And Open With Our University Cleaning Services

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