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Reward and Recognition – Rashed Hasan

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Congratulations to Rashed on receiving outstanding feedback from GPT.


Hi Team BIC,

I wanted to let you know about the glowing feedback I’ve recently received about Rashed. GPT Wholesale Office Fund, owner of 580 George and Workplace6, is a sustainability industry leader. Included in that is our NABERS waste rating, a standardised industry tool for measuring an asset’s waste stream – 580 George was the first building in Australia to adopt this. Separating and measuring rubbish is not the most glamorous task.

Our Head of Sustainability specifically called out Rashed’s mammoth effort with the recent late night waste audit. I know how thankful the team was for his input and it wouldn’t have been achievable in the required time-frame without him.

This is truly a stand out performance and I wanted to ensure Rashed was suitably recognised.

Kind regards,



Many thanks Rashed for your efforts and your hard work.