Operational Waste – A Zero Waste Target

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BIC’s commitment to diverting waste from landfill

With approximately 20 million tonnes of waste going to landfill each year in Australia, disposal of waste is an area of particular environmental concern. BIC’s aim is to promote a sustainable environment and reduce costs by reducing the volume and toxicity of waste. Our waste management system targets the waste at the source by streamlining the collection process.

Our reporting system aims to identify the source of the highest levels of non-recyclable waste from each of our sites and work towards improving these to lift the overall % of waste being recycled and decrease the % of waste going to landfill.

George Tsiamis, National EHS and Procurement Manager for BIC Services says:

 “recycling is no longer a ‘nice to have’ option for businesses – each and every business has a responsibility to ensure we focus on reducing landfill levels.”

George works closely with all of the governing bodies including GBCA, NABERS and BBP to ensure BIC Services is at the forefront and leading the way with industry standards and innovation when it comes to waste management.

George recently attended an Operational Waste Master class held by GBCA, the master class was focused on providing industry leaders with the tools and guidance to implement these initiatives across their organisations and help their teams and partners understand their roles and responsibilities.

‘Initiatives such as these master classes are a great way to ensure the latest innovations, information and ideas are disseminated through the industry. Communication is key when it comes to continued improvement in sustainability – and it certainly is a shared responsibility.’  

As BIC Services continues to strive towards Zero Waste targets – we will continue to work closely with GBCA, NABERS and BBP to lead the way in our industry and these master classes are an excellent way to ensure we have the latest information to share with our team and clients.

BIC Services recent blog focused on ways to improve sustainability in the workplace. We believe it is not only up to the business owners and leaders but each and every person can make a difference. Campaigns targeting a reduction of single-use items such as ‘ban the bag’, ‘war on waste coffee cup focus’ have had a major impact, but we can’t become complacent – this is why BIC has invested in sophisticated systems that can monitor waste levels on a floor by floor, building by building basis.

Find out more about our smart waste system.