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Morgan Stanley sings the praises of BIC employee

By September 15, 2021 No Comments

One of our clients, Morgan Stanley, recently featured BIC employee Nitchawan “Bee” Sangsuksai in their staff newsletter.

Calling Bee the ‘best in the business’, she was the first person featured in the Who Makes MS Tick segment of their newsletter.

‘Bee is one of the people we miss most while we work from home,’ the article says. ‘She is always smiling, friendly and personifies the pride in her work.  Bee, thanks for making our workplace truly shine. ‘

Read on to find out more about Nitchawan, and why she is known as Bee. Republished with thanks to our wonderful clients Morgan Stanley.

Please tell us about your background growing up in Thailand and how did we come to know you as Bee?

My real name is Nitchawan Sangsuksai. I am indeed from Thailand and moved to Australia in 2006 from Bankok. I have family in many corners of the world – my Mum who for example lives in Sweden.

It was my dad who affectionately called me Bee as a nickname.  Almost everyone in Thailand has a nickname and as I was child number two, my sister was A, and I am Bee.

How did you come to work at Morgan Stanley and what do you love most about your job?

I have worked for my current employer, BIC Services, for ten years and have been providing services to Morgan Stanley’s Sydney office for seven years.

It was a roundabout journey to arrive at BIC in Australia. After working a number of different jobs – from learning Thai massage to serving in a café – I helped a cousin with some cleaning in her business. I was keen to secure a job with more certainty and the first role I applied for was with BIC.

I then moved to the Central Coast for a few years – which saw me leave BIC – but after moving back to Sydney, I returned. That was about ten years ago.

The best thing about BIC and my role is having a wonderful and supportive boss – Suzi – who respects my work, values my contribution, and enjoys working with me to find the best service and solutions for our clients. We work as a true partnership which has been even more important during COVID, where much more is required of us in training, communication and cleaning standards.

I love working on the Morgan Stanley floors in Chifley as the environment is warm and friendly, and I feel part of the team.

When you’re not making our workplace look great, what keeps you busy?

Life is about Learning – I have so many hobbies that reflect my curiosity in a number of things. I love flower arranging, cooking, baking, and have spent two years studying astrology and tarot reading. I am constantly looking for new things to learn to expand my skills and education. Right now, I’m considering courses in aged and disability care.

I have a degree in Management and Marketing from Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (in Bangkok) and when I came to Australia, I studied English and earned Graduate Diplomas in both Accounting and Marketing.

I also love spending time with my husband who, for the last ten years, has worked at Taronga Zoo as an animal nutrition expert for big animals.