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It’s All About The Service

By September 4, 2019 No Comments


Iqbal and his team from Australia Square receive thanks and recognition for great service and leadership.


Afternoon Sophie,

Yesterday, one of our meeting room doors shattered; beyond anyone’s control, pic attached.
What I found remarkable was when I made a call to Iqbal and told him of my predicament, he and his team arrived within minutes of the call and cleaned all the glass up including small bits that scattered even into the Reception area. They also worked in the room last night and given the amount of shatter are going to shampoo the carpet this weekend.
I wanted to advise you of this great leadership and his team’s positive response providing fantastic service, under duress, even working around clients where meetings were taking place in close proximity.


Office Services Coordinator
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
Australia Square


Congratulations to the team and we thank you for your hard work.