Female Role Models at BIC

By April 2, 2019 No Comments

In Australia, it has taken time and perseverance by women to earn equal rights. The fight has not yet ended, but there has been leaps and bounds in terms of achieving gender-balance. It is hard to believe that only 150 years ago, Australian women had no political voice, few protections from poverty or harm and indigenous women had no rights at all. Looking back on a timeline put together by the Victorian Womens Trust it is evident that gender equality hasn’t been something that has evolved naturally, it is down to many strong women vocalising and fighting for these rights.


This year, the theme for International Women’s Day was ‘Balance for Better’ and at BIC we continue to strive for this balance – we celebrated IWD by celebrating the women at BIC and we continue to shine a light on their role in the success of BIC.  Women make up 45% of BIC’s workforce and their input and expertise are valued throughout the organisation.  Over the coming years we will work towards a 50/50 target, as well as putting in place mentoring and leadership programs.


At BIC, we strongly believe in equality, not only from a gender perspective but also from a religious and cultural perspective. We believe diversity in our work-place makes us stronger and we are proud to say diversity is one of our core values. Respect is one of our other core values – and it is up to both the men and women in our team to respect each other and the contribution made by every individual regardless of gender, race or religion. We advocate respect and earn respect from our clients, peers and team.


Over the coming weeks, we are proud to introduce you to some of the strong women and men in our team. We believe it is important to highlight some of our team as role models within our organisation and that these women showcase ‘best in class’ performance at work, every day.


Look out for our BIC role model series coming soon.