Coronavirus Declared Global Health Emergency by WHO

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There are more than 9,500 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus in over 20 places outside mainland China including Australia. In order to manage this global health emergency BIC are closely monitoring the Coronavirus alerts and keeping abreast of new updates and developments as they become available.

To manage the pandemic BIC have taken the following proactive precautionary measures to date:
1. Developed a Pandemic Action Committee and appointed key personnel across the team to monitor and provide information to our clients, teams and communities
2. BIC is monitoring all updates being provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and will cascade this information through to all parties as it arises;
3. Issued a current BIC’s ‘Cleaning During a Pandemic or Crisis SWMS’ and ‘Pandemic Action Plan’ to all work sites and clients
4. Issued a nation-wide newsfeed and Safety Alert to all our sites and employees via email and our time and attendance system
5. Conducting urgent meetings with key personnel and the Pandemic Action Committee to discuss and formulate future plans with revised editions to our action plan being logged dependant upon latest updates and information provided by the Australian Government Department of Health
6. Issued additional PPE to prepare and manage any possible confirmed cases on a BIC site
7. Alerted and prepared all BIC staff to ensure we have contingencies in place to carry out pandemic cleans should there be any confirmed cases on a BIC work site

We also strongly recommend thorough hand-washing throughout the day. It is very important to point out that the drying of the hands is critical in effective hand washing. Wet hands transfer bacteria and viruses more efficiently than dry hands.

BIC will continue to provide all parties with the appropriate updates as they are released. In closing BIC also urge anyone who has information of confirmed cases or concerns to contact BIC on 1800 683 863 or email us at: to seek any assistance we may be able to provide. If you would like to receive our full detailed pandemic action plan and updates across our portfolio of sites please contact us on the above email.

For further detailed information please visit: