A Day in the Life of an Area Manager

By March 27, 2019 No Comments

Our Area Managers are the glue between our clients and our cleaning team. They are in constant communication with both sides and have a myriad of responsibilities. For our Area Managers, there are sometimes unexpected tasks that don’t quite fit into the standard job description.

Last week, one of our Area Managers Denise Purcell, who manages 123 Albert Street in Brisbane, received a call late in the evening with an unusual problem. One of the night cleaners had found a possum in the middle of the podium car park and was worried for its safety. After checking for the possums mother without success, the cleaners called in for back up. Denise was on the job. Firstly, she gave them instructions on how to safely capture the Possum and keep it safe until she could arrive.

On arriving back to the site she identified the little guy as a baby Ringtail Possum. A number of phone calls later to QLD WIRES (Wildlife Rescue) and the little Possum was safely handed over to the animal rescuers. They praised Denise and her team for their careful and professional handling of the situation. To top it off they gave the little critter a new nick name – ‘Denise’.

Thanks to Denise and the night cleaning team at 123 Albert Street for going above and beyond their duties in this unusual rescue operation.