3 ways to improve sustainability in the workplace

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BIC are committed to promoting sustainability in the workplace and ensuring the commercial cleaning industry is accountable for playing an important role in looking after our planet.

As a business, we are continually implementing sustainable initiatives in our own workplace as well as supporting many of our clients in their journey to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace.

Implementing workplace sustainability initiatives is not only good for the environment, but it can reduce overheads in the form of energy costs as well as improving the health and well-being of your employees. It can also help you attract new business from other like-minded consumers and businesses who share the same sustainability values.

Here are some simple changes that will make your office more environmentally sustainable.

Reduce and recycle waste

Reducing your waste and implementing a recycling program is one of the easiest ways to make your office more environmentally friendly and promote sustainability in the workplace. Going paper free where possible, keeping your hard copy filing to a minimum ensure correct disposal of problem waste, e-waste and recyclable waste.

We recommend the introduction of a clearly marked centralised bin station at key points of each office level rather than individual bins under each desk. This encourages your employees to be more conscious of which bin each item goes into and helps to stimulate awareness and responsibility to correctly recycle and dispose of the various types of waste.

In communal areas, try to look for ways to reuse items, such as replacing disposable kitchen items with crockery and steel cutlery, or promoting the use of reusable mugs for the morning coffee run. Installing a filtered water station will reduce the need for bottled water.

You can also encourage employees print double sided or collect paper that has only been printed on one side and use it for taking notes.

Reward your team with environmentally friendly items such as keep cups and reusable bags to encourage less use of single use items.

BIC’s clients receive reporting and statistical analysis each month outlining the percentage split of landfill vs recycling based on disposal and removal from the buildings. Our staff are trained on our automated waste weighing stations which sends data directly to our database where it is used to create these reports.

Add some greenery

Bringing the outside in and adding some greenery to your office can do more than brighten up your interior design. Studies have shown employees are happier and perform better when plants and greenery are added to a workplace. Encourage staff to nurture and water the plants – even give them names. You will be surprised what a difference it makes to the overall morale of the office. Of course, plants reduce air pollution and make your air cleaner and healthier to breathe so that benefits everyone and can reduce health issues in your office.

Choose a sustainable cleaning partner

Ensure the cleaning products used by your cleaning provider are sustainable and meet the green cleaning standards. At BIC, we use microfibre technology which prevents cross-contamination and also ensures the products and materials we use are safe and meet GECA standards and Green Star standards. We are continually researching new technology to improve sustainability.  

At BIC, we support our clients through the green star credit compliance process so they can obtain their green star rating from the GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia).

Contact us to find out more about partnering with BIC for a greener, cleaner workplace.