3 Star Rating – CAF Certification for Darling Park

By May 8, 2019 No Comments

The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) is a multi-stakeholder partnership approach to improving cleaning and labour standards in the cleaning industry. CAF was established in the first half of 2013 and is a voluntary initiative within the commercial cleaning and property sector.

As a founding member of CAF, BIC Services has been working in partnership with clients on ensuring a fair and ethical working environment within the cleaning industry. The program has recently moved from the pilot stage and has officially launched this month.

CAF brings together building owners, cleaning companies, cleaners and other industry bodies, to effectively stamp out exploitation within the industry. This relates primarily to fairness for cleaning employees, but also to uphold accountability for this across the entire supply chain.

The pilot program for the three-star rating program started in 2017 and BIC Services have been involved from the beginning. It involves adhering to standards across labour, work health and safety, responsible contracting, financial viability and remediation practices.

”There is a stringent set of rules and requirements, but this is and always has been a non-negotiable for us.” BIC Services’ CEO Tony Gorgovski is proudly supportive of BIC Services involvement in partnering with their clients to obtain the CAF certification at many of their sites.

At BIC Services, we work in partnership with our clients to improve labour standards and cleaning quality in Australia. CAF recently awarded the landmark site of Darling Park, Sydney – a 3 Star CAF rating. This was only possible through a true partnership approach between BIC Services and JLL who both share the same values when it comes to workplace standards and employee entitlements.

To find out more about obtaining a 3 Star CAF certification, contact us.